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Press Event #mammyiambacktoschool 03

Press Event #mammyimbacktoschool

The beginning of the new school year was the main topic of discussion at the pressevent organized by Power Health, in collaboration with the online pharmacy, and presented by Dr. Yuli Balikou. The topics discussed mainly concerned the ways in which parents can help...


PNP New product presentation

Ready for autumn and winter, the leading Greek natural health products company Power Health presented in a beautiful event at the company's offices the new products, as well as the communication strategy for the new season that begins. PNP's range is enriched with the...

Cinnamon Capsules

Research on dietary supplements

Finally, are dietary supplements necessary? How much do we need them and what do they offer us? Has the Greek consuming public integrated them into their daily lives? What are the categories that are on the rise? The answers to these questions are provided by the research conducted by AKOS, the...

Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Διατροφής 01

World Food Day

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase "World Food Day"? Diet, healthy eating, nutrient-rich foods? It's only natural that when we hear the word "diet" our minds go to all of the above. Some of the valuable benefits of eating right, especially when...

Λευτέρης Πετρούνιας_ Σχολικός Αθλητισμός 03

Lefteris Petrounias: School Sport

On the occasion of the National Day of School Sports, the Olympic gold medalist and Brand Ambassador of Power Health, Lefteris Petrounias, visited the 1st Gymnasium of Nea Smyrni. As a man of sports, Lefteris Petrounias spoke about the necessity and the specificities of sports at young ages, as it helps...

Καρκίνος του Στήθους_ Μην φοβάσαι την πρόληψη 01

Breast cancer: Don't be afraid of prevention

Each year more than 1.3 million women worldwide are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer and more than 465,000 women worldwide lose their lives to the disease. Every 2.5 hours a new diagnosis is made, and every 6 working hours a woman dies from breast cancer. In Greece, according to official data, cancer...

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