Deligianni 59, Metamorfosi Athens
Tel: 210 28 21 500
PNP PROIONTA 02 2019 01

Presentation of new products for spring and summer

A strong start for PNP, which claims its own shelf in the Greek pharmacy and its own place in the everyday life of the modern consumer with products that cover their daily needs in health, stimulation, care and beauty. The presentation of the new products took place on...


Propolis & Honey Cough syrup with propolis and honey

The new Propolis & Honey syrup will become another ally of yours in dealing with cough, which is... a traditional cold symptom, afflicting adults and children. Its unique composition with honey, tincture of propolis, extract of Icelandic lichen, althaea, oleander, thyme and hyaluronic acid for...

Young adult brunette man and woman in the park

Yes New line of organic products for the sensitive area

The new line of organic products "Yes" will become part of your daily life to enjoy your personal moments with comfort and confidence. It includes specially designed cleansing liquids for the sensitive area, which respect the sensitive environment of the vagina, offering a refreshing and effective...

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