Presentation of new products for spring and summer

Power Health, the first Greek company of natural health and nutrition products, promotes and promotes attitudes and behaviors that are taught to children through sports and transferred to their adult life, as they shield them, make them more active and rank them among the healthy forces of a society.

The presentation of the new products took place on Wednesday 19 January and comes to enrich its range.

In the company's quiver now enters the Fat Binder, which is a medical technology product that is committed to slimming us. The new dietary supplement from PNP contains a blend of fibre from the fruit of the traditional African Baobab fruit, BAO 022 which acts as a fat binder. Fat Binder is an innovative medical device with proven action that reduces calorie intake from meal fats and contributes to the adjuvant treatment of obesity.

The Healthy & Tasty family grows with three delectable snacks based on the guilt-free indulgence philosophy, with the features that established it as high in protein, low in fat, calories and sugars. The High Protein My Dessert chocolate bar, the High Protein Crunchers crunchy bites and the High Protein Dolcetto, Chocolate Brownie with Dolcetto white chocolate chips are three delicious proposals that will conquer the most demanding palate.

The Fleriana range, which has conquered the consumers with the naturalness and effectiveness of its products, is enriched with two new natural and chemical-free products, detergent and softener for machine and hand washes that offer excellent cleanliness and softness.

Aiming to offer a comprehensive range of Premium products such as health and wellness supplements, daily personal and family care, grooming and beauty, PNP invests in quality and multidimensional coverage of needs that will make our everyday life truly Premium!

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